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Lahti UAS

Design & development

12-16 September, 2018, Habitare, Finland

Institute of Design presents at booth 6c69 at Habitare, Helsinki, Finland in September 2018

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Aleksi Peltonen

Clamp is a modular, stepless adjustable shelf system. The system is easy to assemble, dismantle or expand when more storage space is needed.


Anne Hirvonen

Cosmos is a combination of modern and traditional. The light pull string is a tribute to classic light switches.
The name Cosmos reflects the lights character and shape: its function is to give direct light imitating the Sun or to create a beautiful ambient light imitating the Moon.


Kristoffer Heikkinen

The starting point for this wall attached shelf was the ability to transform and extend it depending on the space and the use. Hanna is a wall attached shelf system that consists of three different sized and shaped shelf pieces and three different wooden holders and metal sockets. The wooden and metal parts are all separate so it’s easy to take apart and therefore also easy to recycle. It’s a simple and stylish product that fits in many different spaces.


Roosa Karhula

The inspiration for this necklace came from the geometric shapes of architecture. I wanted to create something simple and harmoniously beautiful.
The heat treatment adds colour to the titanium surface.

Materials: titanium, silver chain


Susanna Kettunen

Hilla is like a berry or a cloud from a comic book. Hilla is the finishing touch when you want to decorate your home and tell about yourself with objects. The pendant is 3D-printed polyamide and consists of seven different sized balls, which together create an atmospheric and soft light.


Meri-Tuuli Porras

Kaarre is a mirror and a storing furniture concept. Starting point of the design was to make easily made, transportable and collapsible product. Movable parts makes Kaarre also fun to use and create interactive relationship with its user.


Henri Mertanen

Kirahvi is a floor lamp with a minimalistic architectural shape that reminds of a giraffe, hence the name “Kirahvi” which is Finnish for giraffe. The main body of the lamp is made of powder coated metal pipe. The detachable legs have “hooves’ of birch. The light source is a powerful LED strip with a diffusive plastic cover.


Ville Auvinen

Kanto is a stackable chair designed for cafe spaces. It is made of finnish birch. The simple structure and clear aesthetics keeps a crowded space calm. Kanto gets its’ looks from the strong horizontal back support that ties the splayed legs.


Emma Sivusalo

Lana pendant light provides pleasant general lighting to a space. By twisting the inner part light can be reflected off a wall or ceiling in a way its user prefers. Peaceful circles give attention to the most important feature of the product — light.


Hannakaisa Pekkala

Pinna acoustic panels are designed to improve acoustics in public spaces. The design is very organic and soft, but also creates strong graphic lines at the same time. The three dimensional shape increases the sound absorption area.


Milja Kalliokoski

Polku shelf is a displaying system for the changing needs of the compact and nomadic lifestyle. The project started as a study of water jet cutting technique and its benefits. The technique enables the tight fit of the shelving, and therefore the structure doesn't need extra brackets or fasteners.


Samuli Helavuo

Riippu is a hanging shelf system with ceramic pots. The pots can be used for plant cultivation or for storing.
The innovative structure is designed to serve the function flexibly and to create new exciting possibilities in cultivation and storing. Riippu can be placed on a wall, by a window or hung freely in a room.


Tomi Laukkanen

Sleeps is a bed frame that is easy to assemble without screws or other fasteners. Slots in the frame attach to the bed rails by a simple lap joint. The joints are easily manufactured. When disassembled Sleeps fits into a rather small space and is easy to transport.


Sanna Usva

Vellamo butter knife is like a functional sculpture. It is both easy and clean to use, but also aesthetic and interesting, making it nice to display at the dining table. When not in use Vellamo can be placed upside down on top of the butter package.

Riku Toivonen

Iso-Taneli is a clothing rack and Pikku-Taneli is a basket rack designed to fit the needs of urban living. The products offer additional storage room especially for small apartments and situations where beds are being used as cloak rooms. When not in use, the racks can be folded flat and stored away by flipping the frame. The baskets are designed for storing small items and can also be used as a portable recycling system for dry trash like paper, glass and metal. The baskets, that are made from thermo felt, are easy to connect and remove by one hand.